About Whispering Winds Blog

Who writes Whispering Winds Blog, and why?

Whispering Winds Retreat Haven

In 2009, Marian Korth and her life partner Mim Jacobson opened up their century-old farmhouse as “Whispering Winds Retreat Haven,” a bed-and-breakfast-style retreat house with four guest rooms, a kitchen, a dining room, four rooms that could serve as meeting rooms, a gazebo, and three acres of lawn and gardens. The retreat house could be used for personal retreats, small group meetings, family gatherings, and so on. In order to spread the word about Whispering Winds, Marian created WhisperingWindsBlog.com.

Over the years, the blog evolved from being a marketing tool for promoting retreat opportunities to Marian’s personal reflections on ways God communicates with us through nature, people, music, and other means. After a couple years, some of these reflections were compiled into the first book Marian published, LISTENING FOR GOD: 52 Reflections on Everyday Life.

Floey putting words in Marian’s mouth.

After several years, Marian and Mim closed the retreat center and sold the farmhouse. But Marian, with help from Floey, decided to keep writing reflections to post on WhisperingWindsBlog.com. In the beginning Marian posted a reflection once a week. She kept that up for over five years. But in mid-2016, she decided to do fewer posts and to concentrate on other writing projects, including a 3-book series, Talking with God through Music. The frequency of posts on Whispering Winds has dwindled, but as long as Marian and Floey have anything they want to share with you, new posts will continue to appear from time to time.

3 responses to “About Whispering Winds Blog”

  1. I came across your site today and I enjoyed reading your blog about the inmate wanting the song,”oh lord I want you to help me”. I really like that song. I’m a gospel singer myself and enjoy gospel music.

  2. Tammy Lancaster Avatar
    Tammy Lancaster

    I found your blog while looking for Linda Swanson’s blog. She was our speaker for a retreat. I liked your “Whispering Winds…and your subtitle at the top.

  3. Dear Marian – I’m so glad to find your blog. And to learn that you’re a church organist and writer and loving God through music. Looking forward to your books, this is your 2nd cousin – Mary Grigolia – sending love!

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