52 Reflections on Everyday Life

A collection of 52 short essays that originally appeared as blog posts on the Whispering Winds Blog. Each reflection is a short story about something I experienced that made me think God was trying to tell me something.

  • What was God saying when the squirrel threw hickory nuts down at my dog Abbey and me as we walked by?
  • Why did we sing “Jesus Loves Me” today in the women’s worship service in the county jail?
  • What is God telling me about keeping to-do lists when I have a day of constant interruptions?
  • Did God have a message for me the day the goose family landed on our pond?

Discover how God talks to us through everyday happenings.



Adventures in Hospitality

Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest.
Let this food to us be blest. Amen.

That’s the second prayer I learned to say as a child. The first one was, “God, Bless our food. Amen.”

By age five, when I learned the second prayer, I was just beginning to learn about hospitality, although I hadn’t learned that word yet. I was inviting Jesus to join us for our meals. Over the years, I’ve learned that asking Jesus to join me for a meal also means inviting anyone who is hungry to join me, not just Jesus.

Hospitality is a major theme throughout the Bible, from beginning to end. For example.

  • Abraham welcomed strangers who turned out to be angels.
  • A woman from the town of Shunem put an upper room addition onto her house so that Elisha, a prophet of God, would have a place to stay whenever he traveled through the area.
  • Mary and Martha routinely invited Jesus into their home.
  • Paul talked about the need to be hospitable in many of his letters to the new churches.

What do these stories and many other Bible verses about hospitality mean for us today? Forty years ago, a stranger invited me into her home, and started to teach me about the kind of hospitality God intended for us. That’s the story I’m sharing in this book.

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