Remembering the past and getting excited about the present

Saturday evening Mim and I went to a fancy Italian restaurant for dinner. We celebrated forty years of living together.

Part of our Bible Study Group. Yes, that's really Mim on the left and me on the right. In the 70s everyone had long hair and weighed less. We wore dresses, too.
Part of our Bible Study Group.
Yes, that’s really Mim on the left and me on the right. In the 70s everyone had long hair and weighed less. We wore dresses, too.

As many of you know, Mim and I met forty years ago at a church Bible Study. I had just been offered a job in Chicago and was staying with a friend for a few days to look for an apartment. I tagged along with my friend to a small group Bible study. My friend introduced me to Mim, and Mim said I could stay with her until I found an apartment of my own.

Our first dinner together happened the next night. We went to the Buffalo Ice Cream Parlor for cheeseburgers and hot fudge sundaes to talk about the ground rules for living together. Fortunately, there was no limitation on the length of time I could live with her.

I’m not sure which dinner was better – the fancy Italian food with lots of reminiscing last Saturday night or the cheeseburgers and ice cream with all the excitement of planning my move to Chicago forty years ago. Both evenings were highlights in our lives.

Over the last several months, I’ve been remembering lots of highlights and stories as I’ve been writing my book on hospitality. I can hardly wait to get it published! That’s coming this summer.

But meanwhile, my other book has been published! I received my first copy in the mail last week. Listening for God: 52 Reflections on Everyday Life is now available online.

Remember the blog post I wrote last year about the value of things – like the $2,000 I paid for a new tooth (a dental implant)? And the story I told about life stages, now that I’m in the stage of riding a tricycle again? Remember the squirrel that threw hickory nuts at Abbey and Mim and me when we were out for a walk? Remember why he did it? And there was Gary Gopher who taught me that God forgives our mistakes. And Gregory Goose who sings “I want Jesus to walk (or fly) with me” whenever headwinds make flying difficult…

All these stories are in the book. What these stories have in common is that God was trying to tell me something by what was happening around me. I needed to listen carefully to hear the messages God had for me through everyday happenings. That’s why I named the book Listening for God.

My goal for this book is that people who read it will be inspired to be more intentional in listening for messages from God in the everyday happenings in their own lives.

The book is available for purchase several places online:

Listening for God I spent the last few days developing an author website for myself, so that I can sell copies of the book directly. (Let me know if you’d like me to sign your copy before I drop it in the mail.) The website provides more details about the book, as well as info about my other writing.

The book is also available through the publisher, WestBow Press, where you can purchase the book in paperback or as an e-book in a variety of formats (Kindle, Nook, PDF). has the book in stock, both in paperback and Kindle e-book format.

Barnes & Noble has the book, too. So far, it just shows up as available in paperback, but they should also have it in Nook e-book format shortly.

If you’re local, and would like to come over to get a book, please give me a call first (608-212-6197) to be sure I’m home. I’m expecting to receive a shipment of books early this week.


5 responses to “Remembering the past and getting excited about the present”

  1. I love ‘real’ books but my vision problems now necessitate reading mostly on Kindle as I can enlarge the print. I just ordered the Kindle version from Amazon. I look forward to reading it.

  2. Congratulations on 40 years of living together and of loving one another – a great accomplishment! I have pictures of myself from then that look exactly like you and Mim!

  3. Reading your blog today made me feel excited and happy for you. What a great thing you have done by finishing your book and having it published! The cover looks inviting especially with the rainbow running from top to bottom. And, I’m sure what is beyond that cover will provide lots of readers with lots of inspiration. I plan to buy a copy from you and may possibly buy a few more copies to use as gifts for friends and family. Great job Marian!

    1. Thanks, Cathy. I appreciate your encouragement. I received a shipment of books on Monday. Whenever you want to stop over to get a book (or more), just give me a call first to be sure I’m home. The publisher priced the book at $13.95. With tax, that comes to $14.72. By the way, if you would ever like me to talk to your writers group, either about my book (and turning a blog into a book) or about my experience with the self-publishing process, just let me know. I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned. Marian

  4. I’ve ordered a copy of your book, Aunt Marian, and definitely want it autographed!

    Can’t wait to read the book!


    Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2013 15:12:37 +0000 To:

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