HELP WANTED: Canine Companion and Caregiver

We took a vote – Mim and me and our three 93-year-olds. We want to get another dog as soon as we can. We don’t want to wait till spring, which was our original plan.

Every time Anna comes home from one of her outside activities, she says, “I miss Abbey so much.” When we asked her if she would like us to get another dog, her face broke into a huge smile. “Really?” she asked.

Ann - Abbey 3
Abbey wishing Anna Happy Birthday a couple years ago.

Carolyn told us, “You know I love dogs. As soon as we can get one is fine with me.” Martha concurred, “I like having a dog around.”

We all miss Abbey. She was a wonderful companion and caregiver – a truly amazing manifestation of God’s love. Now that she is no longer with us, except in our still vivid memories, we all want to find another dog to live with us and be our loving companion.

Abbey enjoying hours of non-stop petting from Edith.


I’ve started spreading the word and searching the Internet to find our next canine companion and caregiver. Here’s what we’re looking (and praying) for:

HELP WANTED: Canine Companion and Caregiver

Incredible life-long position for the right candidate. Applicant must be committed to the belief that dogs were created to be special instruments of God’s love to all species on earth.

Meg and Marie - adj
Marie scratching Megabyte’s ear.

Job Description. Applicant will become a devoted family member of the Country Comforts Assisted Living Family. Family members include Mim and Marian, a few people who are elderly and may be somewhat frail, several other human caregivers, and extended family members of all the above. Must interact in a friendly manner with everyone, including guests. Specific tasks will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Sit still for hours beside an elderly resident while she pets you.
  • Warmly greet each resident whenever she enters the room you’re in.
  • Occasionally hop onto the bed of a hospice resident to cuddle if she can no longer get up.
  • Take the other caregivers on long walks daily to keep them in good physical condition.
  • Do the pre-wash on dishes before they are loaded into the dishwasher.
  • Clean up any food that falls on the floor.
  • Warmly greet all guests at the door.
Patti-Abbey in bed
Abbey comforting Patti just a couple days before she passed away.

Required Skills and Personal Traits. On-the-job training will be provided for specific duties, but general skills that are required of this position include:

  • A calm demeanor. Some enthusiasm, exhibited by a frequently wagging tail, is desired, but hyperactive jumping and running is unacceptable.
  • A soft voice. Loud, frequent barking is unacceptable. An occasional loud bark to alert us to matters of concern is desirable.
  • Ideal candidate will be between 1 and 4 years of age and will weigh between 20 and 50 pounds. Mixed breeds are preferred, but not required.
Maia and Selma in wheelchair
Maia cleaning off Selma’s clothing protector after a good meal.

Compensation. Food, shelter, health care, and unlimited love and companionship forever.

To Apply. Respond to this blog post, or send a personal email to

Selma-Meg-Mim cropped
Megabyte and Mim walking Selma (Mim’s mother).


9 responses to “HELP WANTED: Canine Companion and Caregiver”

  1. We just KNOW you will find the right caregiver to fill the position and what a lucky dog they will be!

  2. I will pray you find the right companion! And that she has a sister for me…

    1. Thanks! I’ve been searching the Internet, mostly using, and have scheduled a meeting with a prospective companion for Sunday. I’ll let you know how it goes – and if she has any sisters.

  3. I’ll forward your “job description to my daughter in Chicago as she works with a rescue.

    1. Thanks, Diane. Mim and I are scheduled to meet a prospective companion on Sunday. I’ll let you know how it goes. If this one doesn’t work out, maybe your daughter can be a big help to us.

  4. What a lucky and blessed dog that will be. I pray the perfect match appears soon.

    1. Thanks, RuthAnn. We’re hopeful that we might meet the perfect match on Sunday. She’s a 28-pound, 10-month-old, mixed breed currently being cared for in a foster home for a local rescue organization.

  5. The most human like, caring dog I have ever had is my beloved boxer. He know when I am sick or hurt and wants constant companionship. Should I ever loose my Buddy I would instantly get another boxer. While I worked for the Department of Corrections I worked with the men training health services dogs. The program mostly chose black labs and they were always from shelters.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Kate. I’ve never known a boxer personally, and I never would have guessed them to be sweet, sensitive dogs. I’ve known and liked many black labs, and think of them as gentle dogs. We’re looking for a dog that’s small enough for us to physically pick up, if ever necessary. (We’ve had to help our dogs up steps sometimes when they’ve been older – which is why we have a 50-pound limit.) I’m afraid that will rule out most boxers and labs – unless they’re mixed with a much smaller breed.

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