Seven To-Dos to Prepare for a Special Guest

d5737d0fe761a791f9bacaf1a5bbed26In one of my devotional readings this morning, the writer asked, “What would you do if you knew Jesus would be dropping in for a visit in five minutes?” There’s not a lot anyone can do in five minutes, so I decided to think about the question a little differently. “What would I do if I knew Jesus was coming to visit me tomorrow?” The idea isn’t so far-fetched. After all, Jesus dropped in on Mary and Martha when he was traveling in their area.

I asked Mim the question after breakfast. Her first response was, “I guess I’d pick up the papers laying around the house.” Then she added, “and I’d be sure we had something to serve with coffee.” I suggested to her, “Maybe you’d bake a rhubarb coffeecake with the fresh rhubarb in the refrigerator.” She replied, “Yeah, either that or almond brownies – whichever would be quicker.”

That got me started on my own list of what I’d do today if I knew Jesus was coming for a visit tomorrow. After 45 years of living together, Mim and I think a lot alike. Our first and second items were nearly identical.

  1. Clean up the house as much as I can (with Mim’s help) in a couple hours. On the house decorating continuum from casual/cluttered to formal/minimalist, our home is pretty far on the left. While Mim is picking up papers, I’d pick up the dog toys scattered throughout the living room and the music lying all around the piano. Then Mim would vacuum the carpeting and I’d dust the tops of the furniture.
  2. Be sure we had everything needed to fix a nice dinner for Jesus. I’d probably make a quick trip to Ken’s Meat Market to get some burgundy pepper steaks to grill out on the deck, and maybe stop at MetroMarket for some fresh vegetables.
  3. Spend some time at my desk making a list of the most important things I want to talk with Jesus about – from Trump’s crazy behavior, to Hawaii’s volcano, to what’s going on with the jail ministry, to my sister-in-law’s health, to everything else on my mind… Once I completed the list, I’d probably have to prioritize it because it may be much too long to cover in one day.
  4. Spend a couple hours cleaning up my latest writing project (Talking with God Through Music) so that Jesus and I could talk about my progress and how I could improve the book.
  5. Make a list of people to invite to join Jesus, Mim, and me for this special visit. I’d want to keep the list small enough so that we could really talk together, but I think I should be willing to share this wonderful moment with a few friends and family members. This will probably be the hardest item on the list for me to do.
  6. Google “Mary and Martha.” I’d want to know everything I could about Jesus’ visits with Mary and Martha to learn from their example how to offer Jesus the best hospitality possible on earth, while at the same time taking advantage of this extraordinary opportunity for personal growth and understanding from Jesus himself.
  7. Finish all my preparations in time to sit down at the piano and play some hymns to center my mind on this amazing opportunity to spend time together with Jesus. Hopefully, Mim would join me and sing praises to God. Maybe, we’d still be singing when Jesus walked in the door, and he would join us.

I guess seven to-dos is as much as I could get done in one day of prep for a visit with Jesus.

What would be on your list?

5 responses to “Seven To-Dos to Prepare for a Special Guest”

  1. Hi Marian, This was a delightful post to think about how we would prepare for a visit from Jesus. I read it to Mike this morning as we sipped coffee on our deck overlooking woods and flowers while listening to birds singing. It made us smile because we are in the midst of trying to sell our house (we are finally really planning to make the move to the Milwaukee area!) and almost daily we need to tidy up for showings. Thanks for your thought-provoking piece on preparations to welcome Jesus into our homes.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I hope the right buyer comes along soon, and that your move to Milwaukee goes very smoothly. Please keep me posted.

  2. Steve Swanson Avatar
    Steve Swanson

    Marian, I loved your list of seven “to-dos,” my list would include all seven of yours except I’d serve trout or salmon depending on what was available at Mike’s Meat Market in Villa Park and I’d (8) wash the car making it ready for a drive to Morton Arboretum or Garfield Park Conservatory, depending on the weather, (9) I’d select several CD’s to fill the room with the music of Talking Heads, Al Green, Leonard Cohen, Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, Mozart’s Magic Flute and Hymns sung by the Amen Choir and London’s National Philharmonic Orchestra (10) I’d get out the family photo album to show pictures of my grandparents and (11) I’d get out my copy of Warner Sallman’s ‘Head of Christ’ to be autographed. Well, I don’t think I’d do number 11, but I would be looking for a resemblance. By the way, please include Maureen and me in your list of invitees, I will include you and Mim.

    1. Thanks for adding to my list. I love your additions. And, you and Maureen will definitely be included on my guest list.

  3. I would hope Jesus could overlook our chaos at home and just sit and enjoy the wildlife outside the living room window with us to see how much enjoyment we get from the little critters!!

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