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Abbey Still Has More to Say


Abbey and me collaborating on blog posts

In my imagination, Abbey has been talking to me over the last couple weeks. Her spirit is still very much alive. “Mom,” she said, “I was really sad to leave you, and I still think about you a lot. But I’ve also been really busy exploring heaven. You can’t imagine all the smells there are up here. One of my first days here I picked up a familiar scent and followed the trail for a few minutes, and you’ll never guess who it led me to – cousin Holly! We reminisced for a while about the good old days in Uncle Dan’s workshop, and then she offered to take me around to meet lots of our relatives – both canine and human. Every day in heaven is a new adventure!”

It was so good to hear Abbey talking to me again, even if it was just in my imagination. One thing Abbey said to me was, “Our imaginations are among the best gifts God ever gave us.”

Abbey also told me, “Mom, you need to get another dog as soon as you can. Your family is incomplete without one. I’ll help you find the next dog, one who will be the perfect fit for you and Mim and everyone you take care of. What you need to do is write a HELP WANTED ad in your blog to let your friends know that you are looking for another canine companion and caregiver – someone a lot like me. Then you also need to do an Internet search for ‘dog adoption.’ Your old dog Megabyte, who I met up here last week, told me all about how search engines work. She said if you enter the search criteria correctly, Megabyte and I can arrange to have the right dog come up near the top of your search results. Then you just need to follow up with the contact info to meet the perfect dog for you.”

As you know, I followed Abbey’s advice. Last week I blogged the HELP WANTED ad. I also did an Internet search to try to find the right dog. IT WORKED!!! The perfect dog came to our attention almost right away. I followed up with the contact info for ARVSS (Animal Rescue and Vet Support Services), learned more details about her, filled out an online application, and interviewed her and her foster mom. As of Sunday afternoon, she has joined our family.

Yesterday, Abbey entered my imagination again and said, “Mom, you have no idea how happy Megabyte, Maia, and I are that you brought another dog into our family. We had a party last night to celebrate our new sibling. And we’re so proud of you that you followed our advice and found the dog we sent your way.”

Floey adoption photo

Floey – named after Florence Nightingale.

So who is our new companion and caregiver? We’ve renamed her “Floey” – short for Florence Nightingale, one of the most famous caregivers of all time. She came with a rather strange name for a dog, “Pony.” We figured that “Floey” sounds enough like “Pony” that she’ll adjust to her new name quickly. And, in fact, she already has. I called her by her new name a few minutes ago, and she came right over to me. She’s lying on the floor beside me now as I’m writing this blog post.

“Hey, Floey, do you want to help me write my blog post today?”

“Sure, Mom. What do you want me to do?”

“I want to let people know all about you. What should we tell them?”

“That’s easy. I’m 10 months old, nearly full-grown. I weigh 28 pounds. I never knew my parents, but I think I’m a distinctive mix of several breeds including Australian Shepherd or border collie, and whippet. I’m quite petite in my features, except I have long, lean legs which make me a very good runner.”

Floey playing with cousin Lucy in Uncle Dan's carpentry shop.

Floey playing with cousin Lucy in Uncle Dan’s carpentry shop.

“Why did you want to join our family, Floey? You know you’ll have to be a working dog if you live with us – you’ll have to be a loving companion and caregiver around the clock.”

Floey meeting Anna.

Floey meeting Anna.

“I think I was born to love and be loved. I think we all were, but not everyone realizes it. When I first walked into your house and saw Anna sitting at the kitchen counter, I knew I had to run up to her and kiss her. She laughed and laughed and petted me. We were both so happy. Then when I sniffed around,  exploring the house, I saw Carolyn sitting in her room. I ran up to greet her, and she reached out her arms to welcome me. She told me how beautiful I am. I immediately fell in love with both Anna and Carolyn. That was after I’d already fallen in love with Mim and you. Can you imagine what that feels like to fall in love with four new people, all in one afternoon? It’s wonderful!”

“Hearing you talk, Floey, I want to say you are the personification of love, but I know that’s not quite the right word. Dogification, maybe? Anyway, I’m truly thankful that you have joined our family.”

“And, I’m thankful that God brought us all together,” responded Floey.

This is the perfect week for Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for, including the dogs in our lives and their uninhibited and unlimited ability to love.

Floey resting on my legs at the end of her adoption day.

Floey and me putting our feet up at the end of our first day together.


True Happiness – According to Abbey

A happy Abbey sharing her wisdom

Last Thursday my dog Abbey received a gift certificate. That prompted quite a conversation between Abbey and me about happiness and purpose in our lives. I recorded the conversation below. It all started with with me saying, “My, you’re looking happy today, Abbey. The happiest you have looked in weeks.”

Abbey responded with, “I am happy. Did you hear who came to see me yesterday? Katie. You know, one of Emma’s friends. She brought me a gift certificate to Nutzy Mutz & Crazy Catz, the best pet store in Madison! She wanted to thank me for being Emma’s best friend over the past few years.”

“How nice for you, Abbey. I bet you can hardly wait to go shopping.”

“That’s right. I hope to go next week. Isn’t that great! I get rewarded for doing something I love to do. Emma really became my best friend.”

Then she gave me a wink and said, “Now don’t get jealous – I love you, too.”

“Oh, I know you do, Abbey. You have enough love in you to share with loads of people.”

A wink from Abbey

“Yup, I do. Remember how much I loved ‘Dorothy.’ She was not a morning person. She hated to get up, so every morning I made it easier for her – I jumped into her bed and licked her face until she started giggling. That was so much fun!”

“Abbey, you really become close friends with almost everyone who lives here. I guess that’s your gift.”

“I know it is. I am so lucky! With my genes, I have two natural gifts – being a best friend (from my golden retriever mom) and having a terrific nose (from my beagle dad). I could have become a high profile canine drug enforcement officer sniffing out drugs, or a loving companion. I chose the latter. What a life! I bet I’m the richest dog alive, if you measure riches by how many people love you. And now I have a gift certificate, too!”

Abbey waking up "Dorothy" with kisses

“Well, I think you deserve it. I could tell your heart was broken when Emma left us to go to heaven.”

“Oh, I really was sad. I still miss her, and I always will. She was a wonderful lady. She would pet me for hours, her gentle hand on my back, the most beautiful smile on her lips, and her sparkling eyes looking down at me. Just remembering her gives me a warm feeling.

“I think I have the best life in the world – being a friendly companion to whoever needs one. I am so happy.”

“You’re right, Abbey. Many people never figure out their life calling like you did.”

“I know that’s true, but I really don’t understand why some people don’t ever figure out what their natural gifts are, and use them. To me, it seems so obvious.”

“I guess our human society has tried to become too practical. We focus on what we can do to earn a living rather than focusing on developing our natural gifts. Sometimes we even completely forget what our natural God-given gifts even are. We’re driven to make money, but we forget to connect that with developing the natural gifts we are born with.”

“I’ll never forget what my God-given gifts are. I know I was born to be a loving companion. And, I love my life! That’s true happiness.”

Edith and Abbey - friends forever.