A New Year – A New Blog

One of my goals for 2011 was to start a blog on the Whispering Winds website. Last April, I started a blog the easiest way I knew how, by using the blog add-on in Network Solutions’ website builder, the “easy-to-use” tool I had originally used to build my website. The blog worked, but not very well. My experience with using this very basic blogging software prompted me to set another goal – to come up with a better blogging solution before the end of 2011. With just a few days left in the year, I decided to jump into WordPress, a highly recommended blogging service.

This is it. I’m learning by trial and error, so I’m sure the appearance and functionality of the blog will change as I learn what I’m doing. If anyone has tips that might shorten my learning curve, please share them with me.

Meanwhile, here goes…

3 responses to “A New Year – A New Blog”

  1. I guess I better test how the comment feature works…

  2. Just write! (and throw in a few pictures once in a while – this one is cute)

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